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Alotic is a 668 revision RuneScape private server with an endless amount of playable content. One of the many features Alotic has, that makes it so unique is fully functioning Grand Exchange that enables players to quickly and easily buy and sell items. Alotic provides its players with easy access to many shops and NPC's which allows players to quickly navigate through the game and get what they need and where they need to go - fast.

Alotic brings you back to the enjoyable era of 2011 Runescape, offering a prestigious PvP and PvM system, and Skilling is just as good - if not better. The game has a lot more to offer, so if you want to hop right in and start playing, click here!.

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Castle Wars has finally been added to Alotic!



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Agility Cooking Combat
Crafting Farming Firemaking
Fishing Fletching Herblore
Hunter Mining Prayer
Runecrafting Slayer Smithing
Summoning Thieving Woodcutting

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